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Spinal Neuro-Stimulation Therapy

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Spinal Neuro-stimulation therapy is an option utilized to reduce pain while decreasing, and sometimes even eliminating, the need for pain medications. The Spinal Neural Stimulator system is an implantable system that allows patients to control their level stimulation with a handheld device. Spinal Neuro-stimulation therapy is a simple outpatient procedure that is first done on a trial basis. During the trial a patient has stimulation electrodes implanted into specific areas of the spine through tiny holes in the skin. A small external computer battery pack is connected to the wires and various levels of electrical stimulation are applied to reduce pain levels in the area being treated. The patient tries the device for around seven days to determine if neuro-stimulation works for them. If the device successfully reduces levels of pain by at least 50%, and if the patient chooses to continue the process, new electrodes are placed into the spine and a permanent neuro-stimulator computer battery pack is implanted under the skin of the lower back. Batteries can be either long-term or rechargeable and are chosen based on stimulator usage during the trial. The Spinal Neural Stimulator system and can be removed surgically at any time the patient wishes.

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